beware the vodoo sound

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Taking stalker photos of my boyfriend on Tinychat. I see you there J sama. With your ice cream.

Also, my dog isnt sneaky at all.

Dont you even dare think about it!
beware the vodoo sound

Intruder In the Cherry Garden

Intruder in the Cherry Garden

The garden of my comfort
Is no longer secure
Here to bring me hurt
There is an intruder

Sly and clever in nature
And arrogance to make me wary
It’s hard to fight such a creature
The weight of his eyes I carry

Like a child with cake
Or a child under the sheets
I cannot have what I cannot take
Like a monster, I fear the treats

beware the vodoo sound

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 there is a girl at my school that got pregnant four times and had four abortions. then complains how these abortions hurt her emotionally. I said.."not to be too insensitive but you should have thought of that before you got pregnant four times"
"I know but it just happens."

LOL yeah. babies. they are like spontanious combustion...there is no explaination. it just happens.

whatch out for dem babies. dah just be poppin out.
beware the vodoo sound

Kyo has a freak on his side.

Kareki. she thinks shes god when it comes to talking about kyo and knowing what he wouldnt like to hear. I was penelized by her for calling kyo a "sweaty lump of man flesh" while having a fun convo with someone.  she thinks that saying "fangirlsh" things makes kyo loose eight years off his life and that he dies a little inside.  "I think he is attractive but I would never say such rubbish about him!"
"Saying 'kyo wears his pants low and it makes me horney' is just disgusting!!" 

Yea, welcome to the real world honey. we say stuff thats "dirty, disgusting, and down right rubbish". yeah, we love kyo as strongly as you but we also want to ride his penis.  as Jiama said "sorry for being a flawed human being" hell sorry for being human. I didnt mean it I swear.  
Personally, I think she thinks she owns kyo. and she doesnt want to share with all the other children. Now now sweety, its not nice to be a hog. Puff puff and pass.

I wonder if kyo knows god sent him an angery angel to protect his public, well know, and highly coveted ass.


how dare she question my love for him...thats the one thing I refuse to take from her. You can call me nasty and disgusting but dont you dare say i dont love him.